Earplugs for hunting/shooting

A hunter, in order to succeed the prey, needs absolute concentration and quiet. Apart from the weapon and the caliber, the art of concentration and correct targeting are crucial. In UK, about 480,000 people are engaged in hunting. One of the basic hunting rules is the right knowledge and use of weapons and particularly the security of the hunter. The right professional hunter and shooter wears goggles and earplugs for hearing protection. In order to avoid the risk of damaging your hearing due to noise generated by the detonation, wear special earplugs during hunting or shooting. Choose your earplugs!

  • Defender earmuffs

    0 out of 5
    29,90 (Ελληνικά) με ΦΠΑ
  • Plug-It 100® disposable earplugs

    0 out of 5
    99,90 (Ελληνικά) με ΦΠΑ
  • Plug&Go® disposable earplugs

    0 out of 5
    9,90 (Ελληνικά) με ΦΠΑ
  • WorkSafe™ earplugs for work/shooting/hunting

    0 out of 5
    17,90 (Ελληνικά) με ΦΠΑ
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