Hearing Loss Myths!

Hearing loss is not a great condition, I can do without hearing aids. Myth!

People with hearing loss even of a small degree, is demonstrably less social and productive because they shun the world of insecurity of not hearing well. People with difficulty of hearing are nervous and rude because they do not want to admit that they do not hear well because it’s like admitting that they grew old.

Hearing aids will further reduce my hearing. Myth!

Surveys have shown that the lack of use of hearing aids, has the effect of reducing the hearing, on average 4.5% to 4.8% annually. Yet, the application of an unsuitable handset may prove detrimental to the hearing.

Wearing a hearing aid I can hear perfectly. Myth!

The human brain is designed to receive audio signals from both ears. Many people have also found that the hearing with both ears is easier and more convenient than with one ear, because they do dot have to turn their heads in order to to hear with the ‘good’ ear. So wearing two hearing aids has a better effect on our hearing.

Hearing loss is the same for everyone. Myth!

Over 30 different hearing disorders are included in hearing loss. Each person is unique and special, so is his/her hearing. Each person has a different degree of hearing loss and other symptoms, and therefore requires a different treatment.

Hearing loss only concerns elder people. Myth!

Hearing loss in our country for ages under 50 years is up to 50%. The excessive increase in noise pollution in recent years combined with everyday stress and the hectic pace of life in cities, are the reasons causing hearing loss at ages even below 40 years.