Bellman Visit Alarm Clock [BE1580]


The ultimate choice for a complete information system!

Bellman Alarm Clock Visit retains all the features of the Pro model, while also receiving the signals of the Bellman “Visit” series: you are informed about the doorbell, the phone, connects to the smoke detector and rings in case of fire, while alerting you and in case your baby cries.

Using the corresponding Bellman transmitters and detectors you can be sure that even in your sleep you will not lose any important information. The alarm clock connects automatically and wirelessly to all Visit units, without complicated wiring!

Does the alarm clock you already have wake up everyone in the neighborhood except you?

Now you can turn down the volume on the alarm clock without worrying about how you wake up. The new alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon wakes you up with a high-intensity flash, loud vibrations and sound directly from the pillow, ideal for getting up on time without disturbing others.

The sound function in the new Bellman & Symfon alarm clock delivers more than 100dB when it rings. The volume increases automatically and gradually so that you have enough time to turn it off before it bothers others. The innovation lies in the quality of the sound it emits, where through an intelligent system it alternates the frequencies of the sound. This way you will be sure to hear it if you have difficulty hearing e.g. only at high frequencies.

When you buy an alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon, the package includes a powerful vibrating unit for your pillow. Just place it under your pillow and you will wake up with strong vibrations. This unit emits extra sound directly to your ear.

Selecting the flashes is a great alternative or additional function to the “conventional” with sound when you want to get up in the morning. Bellman & Symfon has incorporated the high-intensity LED flash into the device – the same type of flash you’ll find in a modern camera or cell phone. With the difference that the alarm clock is equipped with four such flashes instead of one. This means that it is effective even during the day or even if you prefer to sleep with some light on.

Find your way at night! Have you noticed how difficult it can be to get back to bed when you need to get up at night? Especially if you got up to go to a room with lights and then go back to your dark bedroom. To avoid disturbing your partner by turning on the bedroom light, Bellman & Symfon added night light to the alarm clock. It is easily activated by pressing a button at the top and emits a blue light so you can see you go back to bed without being disturbed.

One feature you will really appreciate is the “smart snooze”. The difference compared to other alarms that have a recurring alarm is that it reduces the duration of the recurring alarm from 9 minutes initially to 2 minutes gradually. This will give you enough time to wake up and not miss your precious breakfast!

Have you ever fallen asleep and then found out that your alarm clock did not work due to a power outage? This should not bother you from now on. The device has a powerful battery that acts as a backup in case of power failure. This battery not only maintains the correct time, but also allows the vibration unit and the flashes to operate at full power.

The screen light is adjusted by a button on the back of the device so as not to disturb the night. Additionally with this alarm you can ring your phone ringtone. Just connect the telephone line to the alarm clock on the dedicated socket, and it will be easier to hear the phone ring.

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