ALPINE custom-made earplugs for multiple uses

ALPINE custom-made earplugs for multiple uses

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149,00 (Ελληνικά) με ΦΠΑ

Handmade earplugs with ALPINE filters, with 5 options for non-linear attenuation levels



Alpine has a long history when it comes to custom-made hearing protection. The soft earmolds with acoustic filters that are specifi cally adapted to different applications are widely recognized. Thanks to their great innovative power and years of expertise, Alpine now also adds removable filters to its product line. This enables users to exchange filters themselves at any time, giving them full control over the degree of attenuation. With this freedom of choice, the earplugs completely meet the needs of the individual user. This new range of filters offers enormous potential for laboratories and brings a very strong addition to the range.

‘Cone’ filters with non-linear attenuation
These filters are suitable for various applications and off er a so-called progressive attenuation for the high frequencies. This filters out harmful sounds, while environmental sounds and speech remain audible. There are 5 variants available, ranging from a low to a very high attenuation level. Each filter is unique and can be used in different situations. With non-linear attenuation it is possible to use exactly the right filter, so excessive attenuation is avoided.

See at the table the appropriate filters for the use you want!

* The price refers to a pair of custom earplugs with a set of ALPINE filters

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