Muffy Baby earmuffs for babies and toddlers, Blue


Muffy Baby earmuffs for babies and toddlers, Blue

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The hearing of babies and toddlers is very vulnerable. Sound is more harmful than you might think. Many parents regularly expose their child to loud noises, without even realising it. Research shows that consequently, 1 in 8 children suffers permanent hearing damage. The Alpine Muffy Baby is specifically designed to prevent hearing loss in infants. The earmuffs protect the hearing of infants and toddlers against harmful noises. For example, at festivals, parades, festivals, fairs, firework displays and motor races. The Muffy Baby also ensures that a child can sleep undisturbed while travelling. Ideal when taking your child to a restaurant or on a trip. Children who suffer from over-stimulation may also benefit from wearing the earmuffs.

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Comfortable and perfect fit

The Alpine Muffy Baby has been designed to ensure that the headband is never too tight. The hearing protector never puts too much pressure on the head of your child. The soft, elastic headband is easy to adjust thanks to the velcro. The two separate earmuffs can be attached easily to the headband and secured in the correct position. This unique earmuff is suitable for babies and toddlers. There is also the Alpine Muffy for older children.

Modern design

The Alpine Muffy Baby is available with a pink and white striped headband and a blue and white striped headband. The white earmuffs have a nice oval shape and the inside is lined with very soft foam.

Protect&Go bag

Each package contains a matching white Protect&Go bag. Useful for hygienic storage of the Alpine Muffy Baby.

Unique product features

  • Protects against harmful noises and loud music
  • Prevents over-stimulation caused by noise and allows undisturbed sleep when travelling
  • Easily adjustable, fits and ‘grows’ with the child
  • Very comfortable thanks to the soft elastic headband
  • Does not put pressure on the head
  • The only safe CE-certified baby earmuff in Europe
  • Available in two colours
  • Headband can be removed easily for washing
  • Contains no metal parts (and can therefore also be used during MRI scans)
  • With convenient Protect&Go bag
  • Dutch Design


The Alpine Muffy Baby is the only hearing protection for babies and toddlers that has a CE-certification. The earmuff meets all the legal requirements of the European Union in the field of safety, health and environment.

Dutch Design

The Alpine earmuffs and the packaging are an exclusive Dutch Design.

Alpine Hearing Protection- Always innovative

Alpine Nederland BV was established in 1995 and is one of the few manufacturers in the world with hearing protection as its core business. We are always working on the continuous development of our products in collaboration with end users. The Alpine earplugs are sold worldwide in over 40 countries. All Alpine products are offi cially tested by independent approval authorities and have the CE-certification.


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