The appropriate hearing aid for you

The selection of the appropriate hearing aid for your individual needs depends on several issues: your hearing loss, the functions and features that you prefer, and your lifestyle. There are many products available to you that every one has its own characteristics and advantages.

It is not about choosing the best model but choosing the best model for your own needs. The hearing aid is an important investment with equally significant advantages.

Issues to consider:

A skilled professional who is watching you will conduct some tests and make you some questions to be able to determine the best acoustic device for you.

Tests include:

  • Ηearing loss class: all sizes and technologies are not ideal for all hearing loss cases.
  • Ear anatomy: some auditory canals have a very small diameter, making it almost impossible to adapt Completely In Canal hearing aids (C.I.C.).
  • Lifestyle: different acoustic environments will determine the best hearing aid for your needs.
  • Skills: the types of In The Ear (I.T.E.) and Completely In Canal (C.I.C.) hearing aids are easy to install but require a steady hand.
  • Aesthetic tastes: there is a great variety of models, colors and sizes on the market.
  • Budget-costs: hearing aids are available in a large range, each model meets different economic opportunities.
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